Welcome to Mitsu-mech

Established in 2008, Mitsu-Mech is the North East ONLY dealer trained Mitsubishi specialist.

Based out of the surrounding ground's of Durham Tees Valley Airport ideally located to serve the entire Tees Valley and Durham areas.

With over 20 years experience with Mitsubishi and with Mitsubishi Master Technician status there is no one in your area better equiped to properly look after your Mitsubishi. There is also no reason to feel tied to your local dealer and pay extorsionate rates for less than premium service.

Our premises and workshops would put many dealerships to shame. We are proud to be able to offer both Mitsubishi MUT II and MUT III diagnostics enableing us to offer repair and tuning of any Mitsubishi from the 1970's to the most modern vehicles Mitsubishi has to offer today.

Don't own a Mitsubishi but want competant and caring service and maintenance for your vehicle?
Did we mention we also have dealer experience with Volkswagon/Audi group and Mazda, in fact on almost any make or model of vehicle we can supply you a service with the respect and attention to detail many garages overlook.

The highest quality of service is your right.



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Welcome to the new Mitsu-Mech webiste, please take a look around and let us know what you think.

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